TH8 RS Short Shift Plate

Not satisfied with the long throw of the standard TH8 RS H-pattern shift plate, I tried various things to reduce the throw including using CD cutout (right image) which worked quite effectively in reducing the fore aft movement but not the lateral movement.

Eventually, I decided to make my own plate and here's the result (left image). The plate is aluminium, with 6 gears and reverse. Both fore-aft and lateral movements reduced by about 20%.

It's $30 AUD shipped anywhere. If you buy it, I suggest you file or sand down the edges so it doesn't cut into the shifter's plastic sleeve. It's better to not use the original sleeve. Pen grips and tubes are viable alternatives. Personally, I use heatshrink tubing but these needs replacing after a while. I'll provide some if I have them in stock.
Sorry, Sold Out
I won't be making more of these as there are new options available now provided by Right on Gates
Subaru 555 "Colin McRae"
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Note: If you encounter issues shifting into the correct gear, you can easily fix it by recalibrating the detection areas, as long as you have access to a PC. Have a look at this video.

Short Shift Rod: A customer just notified me that this Steel Gear Lever Shaft makes a great short shift rod. Great find!